Academic Associations

BMT is affiliated with a number of universities and academic institutions, offering research expertise, career guidance and industry collaboration.

  • Australian Maritime College

    Australian Maritime College (AMC)

    The AMC, part of the the University of Tasmania, is Australia’s national institute for maritime and maritime-related education, training and research. AMC is one of the seven founding members of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), which represents five continents.

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  • Bath University

    University of Bath

    The University of Bath received its Royal Charter in 1966 and is now firmly established as a top ten UK university with a reputation for research and teaching excellence.

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  • Bristol University

    University of Bristol

    The University of Bristol is globally distinguished, pushing the boundaries of knowledge to address the needs and concerns of the world in the 21st century - finding the answers to today's global challenges; educating tomorrow's leaders.

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  • UCL

    University College of London (UCL)

    UCL was established in 1826 to open up education in England for the first time to students of any race, class or religion. UCL was also the first university to welcome female students on equal terms with men.

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  • LSE

    London School of Economics (LSE)

    The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the foremost social science universities in the world.

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  • Plymouth University

    University of Plymouth

    Plymouth University is built on a rich heritage dating back to 1862 and while it has grown in terms of size, reputation and impact. The University is an award-winning leader in knowledge transfer and through its Enterprise Solutions programme has helped hundreds of businesses in the last year alone.

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  • Reading

    University of Reading

    BMT sponsors a chair in Marine Informatics at the University of Reading. The chair has been held by Professor Keith Haines, an authority on global ocean modelling.

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  • Southampton University

    University of Southampton

    BMT is a sponsor of engineering students at the University of Southampton, mentoring career development and collaborating with the University on many occasions to conduct research in an industrial/commercial environment.

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  • Swinburne University

    Swinburne University

    Swinburne is a progressive university that aims to increase Australia’s capacity in science, technology and innovation as the drivers of modern, internationalised economies and workplaces.

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  • Newfoundland

    Memorial University of Newfoundland

    BMT is working with the University on a five year research project, taking a closer look at ways in which existing engineering design tools can be improved upon, and how design by simulation will play an integral role in shaping the polar ships and structures of the future.

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