Advanced Engineering Analysis

At BMT, analysis is a key element in the overall approach to solving problems in mining machinery. It is an integral part of the design, troubleshooting, failure analysis, performance enhancement and life extension services which BMT provides.

BMT specialises in mathematical modelling and simulation of all types of engineering problems. It uses leading edge software and computing hardware to provide rapid answers to complex problems involving stress analysis, fluid flows, heat transfer, structural and drive dynamics and control systems.

BMT has special expertise and experience in a number of key areas including:

Stress Analysis and Finite Element Modelling

The company uses a range of FEA software packages to analyse complex machine structures and components for stress, deflection, buckling, fatigue and related assessments.

Structural Dynamics

Dynamic and vibration problems involving large machine structures are routinely addressed using FE Analysis. We have particular expertise in analysing non-linear and transient problems; in modelling interactions between control systems and structural response; and in analysing and designing structures to withstand explosions.

Heat Transfer, Temperature and Fluid Flow

BMT specialises in analysing complex thermal problems, involving radiation, conduction, and free and forced convection, using state-of-the-art CFD. Problems involving reaction or combustion can be solved. BMT can simulate explosion events in underground mines.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in Australia.

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