Marine Operations and Risk

Installation and operations of offshore renewable energy requires a wide range of specialist marine operations.

Vessel Performance

BMT assesses the response behaviour of specialist vessels and their crew manoeuvring under difficult environmental or geographic circumstances. These services are supported by a range of advanced tools including our DNV certified ship and bridge simulator REMBRANDT for simulating the station keeping of vessels and the software package ANSYS AQWA for simulating operations including the response to waves during lift operations.

Planning Marine Operations

BMT provides services to support vessel selection, plan vessel routing, design channel layouts in ports and inland waterways and plan passage through locks. We specialise in assessing the navigation of vessels operating in restricted waterways or in close proximity to other vessels in both expected and worst case weather and tide conditions using real- and fast-time vessel simulation.

Risk Assessment and Management

There are numerous risks in marine operations that can lead to losses, project delays and cost overruns. BMT specialises in the systematic identification, assessment and management of marine risk.

De-risking Marine Operations

BMT helps to de-risk marine operations from mobilisation to demobilisation. We identify what can go wrong, and review the proposed risk controls to develop comprehensive emergency/contingency plans and identify any additional specific mitigations that are required. We can quantify the risk using our offshore windfarm models that simulate the proposed operations to assess likely variability in overall duration and cost, predict losses and show the sensitivity to programme delays, equipment failure and weather.

De-risking Marine Transportation

We support ship owners, charterers and insurance companies by attending loading and unloading operations of major wind farm components and to advise on lashing and securing. We also assess damage to wind turbine installations as a result of transportation.

Safety Management

Safety in offshore projects is paramount. Risks need to be identified, assessed, controlled and mitigated within the structure of robust and defensible safety management systems. BMT has developed safety management systems across a wide range of marine industries.

Safety Assessment

BMT has extensive experience in safety assessment including hazard identification, hazard and operability studies, safety critical system assessment, writing safety procedures and developing justifications and cases.

Port Design and Operations

The construction and operations of offshore wind farms, tidal arrays and wave energy parks places special requirements on ports. BMT supports reliable, cost effective and environmentally sound activities in ports, harbours and terminals.

We assess trends in port development and advise on the suitability of ports to support specific operations alongside their core businesses.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the UK.

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