Vessel Performance

BMT offers a range of vessel performance monitoring products, including propulsive efficiency monitoring, hull roughness analysers and container stack load monitoring.

Products in support of vessel performance include onboard tools for manoeuvring simulation (training and rehearsals), cargo arrangement and voyage simulation and planning. All of our products are supported by in-depth understanding of the technical and operational issues.

Vessel Manoeuvring and Simulation

From full-scale trials, free running and captive model tests, to mathematical prediction and simulation, BMT has many years' experience in all aspects of ship manoeuvring.

Our real time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator, Rembrandt, is used by pilots, ship operators, naval architects and port authorities.

The system has a wide range of high fidelity ship models which can interact with varied environmental conditions and tugs to produce realistic vessel behaviour.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the Netherlands and the UK.

Fuel Efficiency Tools

A suite of services named BMT SMARTSERVICES, designed to reduce fuel costs and improve energy efficiency in operations, has been created by BMT.  The outputs from this powerful performance monitoring tool provide financial and operational decision support.

The services offered are founded on a unique system that integrates comprehensive vessel recorded data with fully validated Meteorological and Oceanographic (Metocean) data, including wind, wave and current values.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in the Netherlands and the UK.

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