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Water and Environment

BMT's team of highly qualified engineers, biologists and scientists have expert knowledge of all aspects of environmental consulting and are committed to using their skills and experience to the benefit of customers, communities and the environment.

With over 40 years experience, BMT offers resources and expertise in environmental consulting which is unequalled.

We provide multidisciplinary integrated consultancy services, research and development, as well as software tools.  These are applied to a wide range of markets covering environmental management, impact assessment and monitoring. Our customers include government agencies, mining companies, municipal and port authorities, development organisations and industry groups. We are totally committed to meeting the needs of our customers efficiently and competitively, and provide an outstanding level of personal service and expertise that is tailored for each job to provide the best real-world solutions.

Our people are fundamental to our success. Our respected team of highly qualified engineers, planners and scientists have expert knowledge of all aspects of environmental consulting and use these skills and extensive experience to the benefit of our customers, communities and environment. Backed by a dedicated support team, they provide a level of expertise and knowledge that is unrivalled in their industries and markets.

  • Environmental Assessment and Management

    Based on our expertise and experience in interpreting environmental laws and policies, BMT offers integrated services to our customers to manage assessment and approval processes for both large and small-scale development projects.

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  • Flooding

    The management of flood waters is crucial. A major flood can be devastating for communities and industry, while a minor flood can be beneficial to the natural environment and agricultural industries.

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  • Coastal Modelling and Management

    The natural forces of winds, waves and currents constantly shape our coastline, resulting in an ever changing seascape.

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  • Water Quality and Water Cycle Management

    Responsible management of our water resources.

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  • Climate Change

    The world is beginning to understand that climate change represents a fundamental risk and challenge to the long term sustainability of our environment and our livelihoods.

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  • Specialist Field Investigations

    BMT has a highly skilled field data capture team, supported by a full range of field sampling and monitoring equipment, together with two survey vessels and a scuba diving team certified for commercial activities.

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  • Information, Spatial and Data Solutions

    BMT is widely experienced in the application of a wide variety of software packages with the ability to extend our work for particular uses by individual customers.

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  • Expert Legal

    A large number of BMT staff have experience as expert witnesses on legal matters covering a very broad range of technical issues.

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